About WSF

Winston Spence Foundation (WSF) is a 501 non-profit organization founded in the United States in the year 2014 that supplies backpacks and school supplies to children within the Caribbean.

Winston Spence - Winston Spence Foundation

Winston Spence

WSF was founded by the family of the late Winston Spence in honor of the family’s patriarch who passed away in Feb 2013.  The organization also honors our prince Ashantiwah Spence who passed away at a tender age of eleven in 2009.  Education was very important to both Winston and Ashantiwah; therefore, it was an easy choice in choosing a cause that was near and dear to their hearts.


Ashantiwah Spence - Winston Spence Foundation

Ashantiwah Spence

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to make a positive impact on children of the Caribbean by supplying them with the tools they need for school, so their only concern is to study and apply their selves to learning.  We believe education is the key to success and if we can influence the life of one child or assist in getting a child in need to attend school we will be satisfied.

Presently we serve 5 Primary schools and one Outreach Center, along with 2 Infant schools within the south eastern region of Jamaica.  We would love to see this mission spread across the entire Island of Jamaica and reach the areas that are in dire need. Our ultimate gold is the reach children across all the Caribbean Islands. Until we get to that point we serve one child at a time.