Education Structure in Jamaica

Formal education in Jamaica is provided mainly by the government solely or in partnership with churches or private trusts. The Education Act of 1980 stipulates that the public education system should consist of the following four levels: early childhood education (pre-school), primary education, secondary education and tertiary or higher education.

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Jamaican Education System (The Facts)

The structure and content of the education system in Jamaica has gone through several stages of development over the years. The former education system was established in an agrarian society, intended to maintain and reinforce a social structure characterized by a small white elite and a largely black laboring class.

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History of Education in Jamaica

The history of education in Jamaica is perhaps best explained and understood in the context of the island’s colonial history. The education system and its administration were modeled after the British system; and many of the developments in the history of Jamaican education can be seen as responses to events

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